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Inspired by the F-100 from the 1980s: The new A100 models with four front buttons in cool metallic colours. View our cult models

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CASIO vintage-style wristwatches

It's the refined details and timeless traditional designs that make CASIO Vintage watches real classics. And it's no surprise that CASIO Vintage watches have been some of the most popular accessories for decades, as they are easy to combine with any look.

Classic, small, round or square — CASIO Vintage is bringing the design of its signature watches from the 70s, 80s and 90s right up to date, presenting you with a wide variety of inspiring styles. Join us for a journey through time and discover vintage classics from the latest ICONIC, MINI, ROUND and EDGY collections.

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Perfect match with CASIO Vintage watches

If you have found your own style, you'll usually know right away which accessory is the one for you. With their diverse design ideas, the CASIO wristwatch collections offer a fantastic range of possibilities so that style enthusiasts can reinterpret their own look again and again. CASIO Vintage watches are and will continue to be special in every respect.

Whether you opt for ROUND, ICONIC, MINI or EDGY, if you are still playing around with your style and aren't sure which model to choose from the CASIO Vintage watch range, you can use the following questions to guide you: What characteristics do you want your vintage wristwatch to have? Should it emphasise your personality, match your favourite outfit or only be worn on certain occasions? Then you need to decide which features it should have and, finally, how much you want to spend. So have fun choosing your new favourite model!

Vintage look — suitable for any occasion

Whether you're nipping out to buy bread in the morning, spending the day in the office or going out in the evening with friends… Do you always take too long trying to find the right outfit? Let a snazzy watch make the decision for you! First put on a really cool vintage-style watch; then relax and pick out the rest. Have a look around the CASIO Vintage range now and be inspired. CASIO Vintage watches give every outfit a special finishing touch — from a crisp business style to a relaxed casual or party look.

Vintage watches for any party theme — when it comes to celebrations, you're sure to find something interesting in the CASIO Vintage watch collection. The range includes elegant, cool metallic designs in gold, silver and black as well as models featuring rhinestones and dials formed into a crystal shape, such as the A159WGED-1EF from the ICONIC collection. All the CASIO Vintage collections boast cool watches just waiting to be discovered and carried off into the night!

CASIO Vintage watches — forerunners of "wearable technology"

How about a vintage watch in black — like the B640WB-1BEF? Or instead of dark metallic gloss, maybe you prefer a light, elegant tone-on-tone MINI design in gold and cream like the LA670WEMY-9EF? Every CASIO Vintage watch is a statement on your wrist that is sure to attract attention. And the best thing about it is the irresistible combination of modern, reliable watch technology—digital or a mix of digital and analogue—with updates to a classic vintage design. Now that really is "wearable technology"!

Vintage watches — modern, urban, unisex

Not yet decided which style you like best? No problem! Simply enjoy the freedom that comes with that. Be experimental and don't waste time wondering what other people think of your style — the main thing is that you like it. And then get inspired! The design of our vintage watches has always stayed true to its origins and standards, while still offering a wide range of new CASIO Vintage models, each of which is unique and unaltered. Have a look around and find your own first favourite model.

In other words, don't conform — be bold and show off your own style, for example with the EDGY AQ-230EGG-2AEF model: a combination digital and analogue watch with a deep blue dial. Or the silver ICONIC A168WEM-2EF vintage watch with a turquoise dial. Perhaps this one looks rather masculine? And that one is a little more feminine? A man's watch or a woman's watch? Instead of these labels, CASIO Vintage uses simple filters: You can filter by display (digital or analogue), by dial colour, by watch size and of course by the collections. Just select what appeals to you. After all, virtually all CASIO Vintage watches are unisex — and ultimately everyone has their own opinion of what is elegant, beautiful and trendy.